Carbon/Glass Reinforced Polymer Structural Rehabilitation: Current and Recent Projects

Herridge 60” Feedermain

Tarpon is currently working on the largest CFRP repair ever undertaken in the world to a 60 inch diameter Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (“PCCP”).  The constructor’s prequalification process for the Project started in the spring of 2013; the Contract was awarded to Tarpon Contracting in February 2014; design began in June 2014 and the Project is expected to be complete late in the first quarter of 2015.  The particular PCCP (the “Feedermain”) is a pressurized potable water supply line, which has been out of service for approximately 5 years.  The activities associated with the design/build repairs to the Feedermain include, but are not necessarily limited, to:

  • provision of Design/Build Engineering specifications and drawings, technical criteria, and design data required for obtaining client approvals;
  • installation of structural lining to the PCCP with internally bonded CFRP; the CFRP to be installed using the internally-applied wet layup method;
  • setup and maintain site conditions, including heat and dehumidification, site protection (access to the main PCCP is provided by maintenance hole chimneys), traffic control, etc.
  • provide localized dewatering of chambers and the Feedermain;
  • provision of confined space rescue services, confined space entry equipment, confined space entry permits, atmospheric monitoring equipment and other health and safety equipment and procedures;
  • preparation of existing concrete surfaces, by high pressure water blasting, achieving manufactures require profile;
  • conduct various pull tests and other strength and moisture concrete tests to ensure the concrete strength, moisture levels and adhesive strength meet manufacturer’s specifications;
  • expansion joint caulking;
  • coordinate and provide removal and appropriate disposal of all waste, including wash water from surface preparation;
  • provide temporary electrical power as required; and
  • work within the noise abatement restrictions set out in Municipal By-Laws.

Successful completion of this Project will result in the rehabilitation of the Feedermain, with a design life of 50 years, at substantial savings to the client when compared with replacement cost.